Monday, August 30, 2004

Coming Along Quite Well !!

Well, faithful readers, I believe things are coming along quite well for your friend Ol' Mister Wells! In my recent travels I have succeeded in touching the lives of several individuals here inside the land of blogging and I am feeling compelled to make this my life's work!

I am feeling refreshed and rejuvenated by the interactions I have had, the comments left and the comments received. In fact, as a testimonial, here are some of them...Including some insight in to my bizarre situation, from one "Big D" (The Grimm Reaper himself!)

Big D said...
Mr Wells,
Thank you for your very considerate inquiry as to my health and spirit. Along with time, health and spirit are all irrelevant to one such as I. I am quite certain that you of all people can relate to this unique bit of multiversal physics, as you are no doubt aware, that you exist on several threads of the multiverse simultaneously, even now, thanks to your achievements in Time Travel.You are both living, and non-living.My condolences on being stuck with Mr Van Buren in the Kineoscope. I remember well the day I collected him in 1841. A horrid, bore of a human, forever droning on about something called The Erie Canal. Frankly, I was glad to be rid of him.Which brings me to your current situation, and it is one, I'm afraid, I have no control over. My particular office is acquisition and Delivery, and I am sorry to say, that, Placement and Relocation are strictly administrative affairs.I will, however, be happy to inform my temporary replacement (whom I see weekly), about your plight, and see if he can talk to someone from P&R about why you're stuck in the Kineoscope and if it is at all possible to arrange your release."Grease the Administrative Wheels" so to speak. No promises 'though, my replacement is somewhat...unique.
Kind regards,
G. Reaper

p.s. If Billy (my replacement), manages to free you from the kinescope, feel free to look me up in Florida.But please don't bring Van Buren.
11:25 AM

And here is another from a blogger to whom I commented upon her interactions with a "blogging friend" and the nature of a particular discussion...

Fredette said...
Thanks for stopping by...I quite enjoyed your post. Why of course MJ was using that term "warpath" to take me away from my focus. I saw that. I do wonder if you saw the link about which I spoke?
I decided to call MJ on her actions...not because I care about the topic so much as I wanted to see her response! I suspect she will be very timid about standing up. She hits me as one who will accuse and then run off... I detest that!!

Yes, I really enjoyed leaving that lengthy comment! Glad I could help Fredette! That is, IF I helped! I suppose I did!! But I digress...

One last example. This young lady was appreciative of my comments left upon her friend's site. I have not included my comments, for I cannot find them!

Jayleigh said...

H.G.- There are two things I'd like to tell you.The first is your comment on my best friend's blog, Adventures of a Boy Named Wade. You are SO right on, and I appreciate your telling him so. He's sweet and smart and you had the balls to tell him the things I could not.

The second is this line from your blog, "I am, was, and will always be One Badass MoFo With A Taste For The 'Tang."You make me smile. Have a good one!
9:01 AM

Well, I may be trapped inside this god-awful contraption, yet I know a few things:

1) I am, was and will always be a bad.....yes, get my point with the first one!

2) The American's (and the world?) are seriously fucked with this election thingy. Glad I'm in here!

3) I must continue my travels in search of a way out of this machine and I must help any others I cross paths with in this endevor.

Back to work!


Blogger Eyes said...

Yes, we Americans are screwed when it comes the election. Less or lessor LOL. Well, it isn't actually funny.

Not that Tony Blair is anything to look at, mind you :)

2:37 PM  
Blogger Jayleigh said...

You said :

H G Wells said...

You have already gone too far. Don't lie to yourself, the reason you made this blog was so you COULD obsess over Mary. You are cleary in denial and attempting to convince yourself otherwise.

This blog was your first mistake in getting over her.

Your second mistake is continuing the blog once you come to terms with the fact that obsessing is the reason for the blog.

If you want to be honest with yourself (and anyone that may read this) call this the "Obsessing Over Mary Blog" and use it as an outlet for your feelings.

Otherwise, this blog is just another forum, much like your day to day life, where you are lying to yourself,bottling up feelings and turning emotions into something else to make them easier to deal with.

Come clean and move on, you'll feel much better and find there is alot of fun to had in life!

Good luck!

8:04 AM

11:34 AM  
Blogger H G Wells said...

Thank you!

11:51 AM  
Blogger Akshay said...

You surely believe in TIME travel

1:40 AM  
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