Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Amuse yourselves...

For the next few days I will be working on my latest book, "The Complete Idiots Guide to Making A Machine That Will Carry One Through Both Time and Space"

A project of this magnitude requires complete seclusion on my part. As the deadline lies between here and the November election, which I will be winning by write-in vote with my good friend The Head as veep, I must take a few days off from posting on this blog.

As this deeply pains me, I do plan on providing for all of you.

In the comments section below, please carry on the following discussions while I am away:

1) I belive that Girl Friday has the hots for The Head.

2) While The Head might be comitted to "The Missus" he digs this.

3) I believe there are readers who actually believe that I am (100%) the EXACT same person that wrote The Time Machine and various and sundry other books....and I am.
(Those of you who get this statement, get it. All others fall into the catagory of people this statement is about)

4) Victorian women are STILL hotties.

5) This is an ABSOLUTELY disgusting photograph of a weightlifter's blown out ass.

6) I am the "Mack Daddy".

Please freely and openly discuss these topics, and any others, until my return. I will try to stop in with a comment or two myself.

Cheerio! Good Luck!


Blogger The Head said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

2:39 PM  
Blogger The Head said...

Sorry, accidentally deleted it. Here it is.

1. Agreed, and can you blame her? However, I believe she has moved on to another virtual love.
2. It was quite flattering. She's quite the charmer. However, Lady Head is all the woman one could ask for (or handle).
3. Of course you're not the same. You have lost corporeal form and are trapped in webspace. Luckily there is a goodly supply of virtual Boodles and virtual hotties.
4.Agreed. Especially the gapped-toothed prostitutes. Something needs to be done about the smell though. All the perfume in the world can't make up for not bathing.
5. Yes it is.
6. Agreed. You are pimptastic.

2:46 PM  
Blogger Jayleigh said...

Yes, Mr Wells, you are incredi-pimpin'.

That photo is so sick. No thanks for showing it. I should have taken your warning to heart.

Vote Wells/Head '04

All I can think of when I say that is Mike Myers saying "heeeeeeeeeeeeeed" on So I Married an Axe Murderer.

7:37 PM  
Blogger Drue said...

Hey, Wells people!

I know I don't stop in very often, but H.G. knows me wells....ha! get it? sorry.

Listen, take a second and go register to vote, and register to be a Votergasm American Hero. The site explains it all. It's funny, for fun, and for you! Please vote and be heard!


7:08 AM  
Blogger Girl Friday said...

Gentlemen please, I have the hots for both of you...I just can't decide between you so I guess I will have to pursue you as a duo.

11:19 PM  

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