Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Talk To The Hand...I Mean Head...

As many of you know, I have truly taken to the full participation aspect of blogging. It is Freedom of Speech in it's rawest form! People around the world can cultivate conversations on the most intriguing of topics, it's a wonder! Philosophy, Politics, Ass Kissing, Science, Begging for Sexual Favors, Sociology, Teen Pop Sensations, Religion... it is a stomping ground for intellectual discussion!....Let's have an example of this.....

The Head said...
Pimp it Mr. Wells. You're an inspiration to us all. You have inspired me to consume several Boodles martinis tonight.
In fact, I will re-comment here later after doing so.
A little known (except for me and, of course, the illustrious Mr. Wells) fact is that Boodles gin is not like other spirits. In addition to the alcohol, it contains magic pixie dust that makes the drinker especially witty and charming, especially attractive to the fairer sex. So men, drink Boodles, chat up some fly honies and you'll be getting a monocle-ful of ankle in no time.
It also makes you smell better, wards off most STD's, and increases your lean muscle mass.

Incorrect Time

The Head said...
I guess it would be spelled "honeys".

Grossly Incorrect Time

H G Wells said...
An excellent testimonial for the Boodles, Head.

As a matter of fact, I returned from my sociological blog studies early this afternoon (just before tea) and had a young hottie from the near east mix me up a Boodles martini! HIT IT!

Hangin' em high, Head! YA HEARD?!

Only Slightly Incorrect Time

The Head said...
Wasted. Just wasted.
Pip pip! on the hottie making you a Boodles martini. yOU LATCH ON TO THAT GIRL IF SHE'S FROM A GOOD FAMILY. OK, caps lock on by accident. I'll leave it as further evidence of the glory of Boodles. If she's not from a good family, she'll gladly make you martinis and sex in exchange for boarding at the local flophouse. You deserve a strumpet Mr. Wells.

Way Off PM

The Head said...
Although those from the East end are clap-ravaged harlots.
West Side hoo-ers are the best.
A whole new level of sophisticated tramp.

Seconds Later
[ed. note: The Head has provided NO solid evidence to support his statement regarding "East end" women.]

The Head said...
The time's all wrong. It's 10:48 pm.

Wrong Again And The Head Is Unhappy

H G Wells said...
I love a good Boodles martini! These posts are further evidence of just how sophisticated and exciting a good cocktail hour can be!

I remember having drinks with Julius Martov, after the Mensheviks were outlawed and he had emigrated to Berlin..goodness, that was right around 1920 or 1921...only a matter of one or two years before his death. None the less we were drinking Boodles martinis and debating exactly what Lenin had done wrong with Russia and Martov threw his hands up and tried to stand up and FELL RIGHT ON HIS ASS! Hmm...that chap could really sock them away...he was in his late 40's at the time....maybe 48.....BAH! I'm rambling!

Another winner, Head! I raise my glass to you!

11:01 PM (Right On!)

Today's final word from The HEAD....

The Head said...
Indeed. People would be better off with more cocktail hours.Hitler was a teetotaler and Churchill drank Boodles. Who would you rather associate with?
7:08 AM

[ed. note: All teetotalers are Nazis, so this bit of information is no surprise!]


Blogger m said...

Dear H.G. Wells,
I heart you.
The End.


9:45 AM  
Blogger Girl Friday said...

Oh Dear Mr Wells you are a treat!

11:09 AM  
Blogger The Head said...

Where are you Mr. Wells?
In a Boodles-fugue perhaps?

12:25 PM  
Blogger Jayleigh said...

HG, you continue to amuse me. Cheers.

2:54 PM  

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