Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Wooooooooaaaaaaaaaah, Nellie! Christ on the Cross!! I NEARLY PERISHED!!

After two days of tinkering and testing, this cumbrous beast of a machine quite nearly shaved my bits off!!

Look at that thing....well, carefully. Look very carefully. Hurts your eyes, doesn't it?

It's cooling now.......good god, it's a wonder I made it.........

Ahh.....even cooler still. Soon we'll be able to take a good look, and I'll get to inspect this motley wreckage! I do wonder what went wrong!

There we goodness! It looks hopelessly irrecoverable!

Ah, well. I'll have it up to speed in no time...and then it will be.... GO TIME!

Good to be back! Although my rough re-entry into this time not only left my machine in ruins, but one of my spiffier suits is just torn to rags! was somewhat of an ostentatious get-up. Perhaps it's for the best. I'm glad my goggles didn't melt to my face, that would DEFINATELY put a crimp in my style with the ladies! It is interesting that I arrived only one minute after my early morning e-mail transmission. Something curious is going on with the time waves.

Here's what I'm going to do. I'll clean up, get this wreckage off to a safe place where I can work on it, and I'll be right back here for a bit of blogging....and tea!

Yes, we'll have a nice tea together.

Also, it is nearing election time, and I cannot fiddle around any more. If I am to sweep this thing I need to get on the stick!!


Blogger Jayleigh said...

Wellsy, dear friend how are things? Looks like you had a bit of an accident. Sorry I've been out of commission lately, but thanks for thanking me. ;-)

Hope your luck is improving. I'm sooo writing you in at my local polling place.


7:26 PM  
Blogger Girl Friday said...

I wonder where you are?

12:02 PM  

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