Friday, October 15, 2004


This campaigning is giving me lots of reasons for complaining!!

Good gracious! I am whipped! Tiredness rides me like a lowly be-otch.

I know many of you would like to see more frequent posts, but I have just been SO busy with speeches and appearances, it's tough. Let me give you an example of my daily schedule, let's look at today:

8:00am Wake and Shower
8:30am Enjoy hearty breakfast with Hef and the girls (have I mentioned that I've been staying at the Mansion?)
9:00am Massage and ASSasge
9:30am Meeting with advisors and other campaign members
10:45am Pick up The Head at the Port Authority (don't forget to locate his shoes and hat)
11:30am Martini's and Bloody Marys with The Head in limo
12:00pm Lunch @ Halle Berry's place, poolside
12:45pm Shower (wink!) and leave for campaign HQ
1:00pm Arrive @ HQ
1:01pm Retinal Scan - airlock opens
1:02pm Palm print Scan - airlock opens
1:03pm Ferry to "Inner Sanctum"
1:10pm Elevator to campaign skylab
1:15pm Blog time / Meeting with Sasha and Morgan (from Scores, West Side)
2:30pm [Event deleted]
4:00pm Tea time!

I really could go on with this.....but I shant.

As you can see, I am on a relentless schedule of meetings, martinis and 'tang.

I apologize for my lack of attention to the blog!!

Furthermore, I am coaching Bill O'reilly through his times of trouble....he's such and idiot!


Blogger Girl Friday said...

Oh Gosh! I thought you were never coming back. You are Number 1 Superguy!

10:07 PM  
Blogger Akshay said...

Good to see you're are well Mr. Wells after all I have invested interest in your future.
What are your views on big business ?

12:14 PM  

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