Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Good Day, Friends!

Well, Christmas is upon us, a time for Joy and Merriment!

I hope all of you have lovely families and friends to spend time with this holiday season.

I will be leaving on December 24th and heading back to the year 1876. I was but a mere lad of ten years then, and I would like to again see the decorations and hustle and bustle of Bromley High Street.

I have never returned to these days of my youth, but now I feel a deep seeded desire to see my earliest haunts. I am excited to see these people and places, once more!

And so, I must prepare! I will be going under the pseudonym "Lord Evard Von Halen", this time, as I feel the need to change things up now and again.

Wish me luck, I shall return in a matter of days!

Merry Christmas, and please join me after the holiday! I look forward to regailing you with my adventures!!


Blogger Girl Friday said...

Happy new era Mr Wells.

9:23 AM  

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