Friday, December 17, 2004

On the Attack!

It seems I am the last bastion of good taste when it comes to novels these days, therefore I am creating a new feature on this blog!

Attacking The
NY Times Best Sellers List!

To kick off this new feature, I visited earlier this evening and posted an open letter to Mr. Mitch Albom.

Mitch Albom, known by his friends as "completely lost in the world", "stumbling through life" and " Stinkpits Albom", is the author of The Five People You Meet In Heaven. TFPYMIH is currently #1 on the Hardcover Fiction list with the NY Times.

His standing on this list means that he is my Public Enemy #1. As required by the sensible rules I have set up for this feature I have: 1) read his awful book, which made me wretch, and I have 2) PUBICLY reviewed it.

So without further ado, please navigate over to my review at entitled

Take It From Me, This Book Stinks Worse Than Morlock Dung!

You may need to scroll down to find it, enjoy!

( once Amazon moves my review along, you will still find it here )


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