Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Damned if

that burning sensation "down below" hasn't returned!

I thought this was passed months ago!

Before the problem was different. I was always running to the toilet and when I get there nothing would happen, I would wait for a few minutes before I would get a BURNING trickle of urine. After which the sensation would go, but then it tended to return about 20 minutes later. This cycle of urinating and waiting might last up to a few hours and then everything would return to normal for a day or so, until the sensation starts again.

I visited the doctor and had various tests done and found that I had not contracted anything, but the doctor did say that he used to have the same problem and it would come and go now and again just like what was happening to me at that time.

He said after a while he started to get the sensation to urinate more frequently than normal, so he started to go to the toilet when he needed to and stopped holding it in. Then, after a week or so the sensations and burning pain stopped completely and now he’s fine. However, I told him I don't generally hold back or wait when I feel the need to uninate.

We were miffed, and then the problem just disappeared.

However, now the problem is back...and a bit different....

Recently, after urination, I have a feeling that there is something in my penis. I slowly start to rub my penis to get whatever this liquid is out (extra urine?). I get a strange feeling when I perform this action, and if I continue rubbing, there is a rapid discharge of a milky substance. I enjoy this feeling very much, but I'm wondering if there's something wrong with me.

I have recently hired a nurse-maid to assist me until I figure out exactly what is the problem. She is a lovely young lady who is very anxious to...help out.

I am terribly sorry. This might be the most disturbed post I have made yet!

(Come on, dear readers, I had to write something to keep that nurse-maid around!)


Blogger Jayleigh said...

Wow. That was a lovely post to have read when I've been gone for so long. Hope you're having fun with the nurse.


3:16 PM  
Blogger Girl Friday said...

you've been ejaculating?

3:36 AM  

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