Monday, February 21, 2005

Today's Discovery...

It seems the The World Transhumanist Association , of which I have never heard, has been giving out an award bearing MY name for some time now. While giving an award in my honor is not something which I find particualrly distasteful, this organization's disgression is a little off. Please, let me explain...

Read the official article here

First off, look at this chap.

Aubrey looks like Verne, both major geeks if you ask me.

He looks like Jules Verne on LSD! My GOD!

Why not give him the "Jules Verne Hippy Lookalike Award" and call it a day!

His name is Aubrey de Grey, and he is an actual Ph.D. in something. Based upon his work I would guess Biogerontology....can you be a doctor of Biogerontology? I suppose you can, Aubrey is.

Among Aubrey's credits you will find that he scientist who coined the term “strategies for engineered negligible senescence” (or SENS) AND THANK GOD FOR THAT!!

I have been running around for the past few years shouting “Strategies for engineered negligible senescence THIS!" and “Strategies for engineered negligible senescence THAT!” and "You motherfuckers don't know nuthin' bout pimpin' and you don't know nuthin' bout strategies for engineered negligible senescence...BITCHES!” Yet, I had NO idea this was thanks to Aubrey de Grey and all of his research. So now I can credit him.

Actually, after reviewing Mr. Aubrey de Grey's works and credits, the WORST I can say about him is the Jules Verne comparison. Which he should take as a HORRIBLE INSULT!!

As far as this bizarre World Transhumanist Association, their work appears to be genuine and ethical, so I will support the award they have named for me.

But if they give that award to one more person that looks like Jules Verne, I will cause some heads to roll!!!

Past winners have been (click on photo to read captions):

I can understand a few of these, based on merit, but it's pretty clear they are only picking Verne lookalikes to get my goat!!

...with the exception of Cedric, he's ma Homeboy! You go, Ced!!!


Blogger H G Wells said...

Hmm. I'm disappointed none of you had anything to say on this topic.


7:36 AM  
Blogger Isabella said...

oh, it was hilarious, but i just read it. you post so infrequently that i check your blog pretty infrequently.

1:11 PM  

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