Monday, March 28, 2005

Some people just refuse to believe, but it's true...

Apparently, Michael Jackson IS a child fucker!

Oh, goodness. I've just given it away, haven't I?


I must remeber to be more careful....

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Good Evening...

..I am having quite the good evening, and yourselves? I thought so, wonderful!

I am spending my after-hours with the nicest young woman. "After-what-hours", you ask? Well these are my after-writing, after-cocktails, after-dinner, after-desert, after-nightcaps,
after-the-first-date-is-over-let's-get-on-to-the-next-one hours!!

Of course, these types of things have fallen out of fashion with you youngsters!! All of the pleasures I enjoyed as a young man like singing parlour songs, dancing a waltz and having unprotected sex with multiple female partners all at the same time without fear of infection or disease...
...these things are no longer the interests of you generation.

Now you want to be "hip" and "kick it with your homies" and "Ima tell you, dis muthfucka bess check hisself! Wells gonna roll up any minnit now! Wells don't mess around. Yall stupit ass crunk niggaz! Damn, real. " and things of that nature.

Well, rather than get into a deep discussion of fads and language trends, I will leave you with this before I retire to my bed to enjoy the remainder of this evening....

I am going to ravage this young lady without remorse! Her 22 year old body will not KNOW what hit it! OH, and I WILL BE HITTIN' IT THIS EVENING!!! When she leaves here, she will barely be able to walk...

...and I plan on using nothing other that my tongue, BITCHES.


Tuesday, March 08, 2005

While "surfing"...

I came across this:

September 23rd, 2003, 12:09 PM

Archren said:

I have to admit that Jules Verne has that special place in my heart, since he wrote some of the first SciFi that I ever read. However, objectively, I think that Wells really did more for the genre. I would say that his most important contribution was using it for social critique and examination, which has been a huge theme ever since.

Bite me, Vernians!

Granted, I have no idea who this "Archren" person is....for the moment, let's presume he/she is a genius with a PhD in literary criticism....not some zit-faced teen wearing a Dr. Who t-shirt.

Thursday, March 03, 2005


I DO DETEST old age!

After polishing off an entire block of Authentic Greek Feta, I am bound up like a train derailed in a tunnel!

However, if i finish off this $2000. bottle of Chateau Mouton 1834 I'm sure I'll feel much better.

Note for the Gents:

Ladies LOVE a man that can pick out a nice Feta cheese. The trick is that it cannot be TOO salty! Look for Feta that has not been packed in liquid, either water or salt water. You have women dripping off of you...and they won't even care that you smell like feet!