Monday, April 25, 2005

More Bizarre findings...

Well, for those of you who have been with my little blog for a while, I am back to touring this fantastical land called the internet!

In fact, I came across this sketch from a fanatic of my blog!

Now, mind you, I cannot support this in any way for several reasons.

Mainly because the person in this sketch is clearly we can only assume that the person who drew it feels much the same. Eh?

Furthermore, friend, if you are going to scribble something on a protest sign there are 2 simple rules that should be followed:

1) It should, at least, be some kind of intelligent phrase.
2) It must fit within the physical confines of the sign.


Really...if this is the best my "fans" can do, we'll NEVER take over the free world. that I had any plans.....

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Since I've been away...

I bet you've missed my silly non

Here's a snap I recently took on a trip to Belize.

I call it "Frenchie soldiers attack an acorn."

I was drawn to visit Belize because of a young lady who had promised me her virginity as well as a portion of her father's weath. Don't ask, it ain't easy being a 104 year old pimp daddy, exta funds never hurt!

Well, as it turns out this family had a young son with a great interest in Napoleon and his battles. This idiot boy would spend HOURS lining up little tin soldiers, recreating battles.

I love floor games such as this....but I had to kick the kid's ass.

He was a punk-ass.