Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Happy Birthday- You Dead, Rotting Jackass!

In the late 1930's - not too long before I orchestrated my "disappearance"- I spent some time in Arizona at what was to become a mecca for art and achitecture.

At the time when I was there it was not much more than a complex of buildings in various states of construction and completion. This place would later be called "Taliesin West".

The young people there were amazing, intriguing. I could never understand why the had all fallen in with that awful Frank Llyod Wright!!


Frankie Wright, you were a rotten old codger!!

Furthermore, your wife, Olgivanna....was a DOG! Yick! Phhheewww!


You were a damn talented architect, you had vision and style....and I appreciate that. I can also appreciate you being such a douche to your assistants and contractors...sometimes it can be difficult to get others to help you create what they cannot understand.


I hope the worms have gnawed your skull into the shape of the Guggenheim, you goddamn genius!


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