Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A thought from the parlour.....

Now that this War of the Worlds fiasco is behind us, we can get back to the real focus of living in the Year 2005...Booty.

The summer is nearly half over and we have yet to talk about the sundress-clad persian girls, juggy joggers and the butt-ass nekid sunbathers!

I intend to launch a full investingation of these young ladies and their goings-ons!

I shall leave no stone unturned, no nipple un-pinched, no heinie un-slapped, no nether-region un-probed by phallus or at least a mere digit!

Why am I lazing about in the parlour?



Blogger talula_belle said...

Oh Wellsey,

You sure know how to turn a phrase. I'll go off to the beach with you. :D

9:20 AM  
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