Wednesday, February 22, 2006

For Now....

Please continue to enjoy my past posts (although, for some they could be future post, I suppose) and I promise to return here in the near future.

With all of the technologies and social changes I have found here in the future, as many can tell, learning about all of these things has left me with very liitle time for idle blogging.

I know many of you enjoyed coming here and interacting with a legend such as myself...and I will return, this is not good bye. I just could not bring myself to lead you astray again with promises of lenghthy, frequent posts....there is just too much poontang for that, you see?

If it were possible to post a proper blog entry WHILE tasting of a 23 year old's sweet and juicies, then I would absolutely do that for you, friends.....but, alas, it is NOT possible. Trust me I have tried, you just end up with a keyboard covered in spunk.

Until my return......stay well friends! I will see you all soon.

Marty Van Buren can still kiss my liver-spotted ass!